QX Magazine – the UK’s LGBTQ weekly magazine interviewed me about The Dorothy Project. They described me as “one of the sequin-spattered brains behind queer pop disco Push The Button. She’s got a degree in Dannii Minogue and NVQ in Grindr emojis. She’s also had more Eurovision parties than you’ve had hot dinners and she’s probably taken more Ubers to Vauxhall than Son Of A Tutu.” Amazing. Read it here!

So I Got to Thinking – The Sex and the City Podcast – I joined writer Juno Dawson and editor Dylan Jones as the “womb in the room” to discuss the impact motherhood can have on female friendship. (November 5, 2019) Listen here!

brb… What Goes On Tour – Talking about how Jilly Cooper’s “romance” novels inspired my bucket list, among other things, on this fun travel podcast. (October 21, 2019). Listen here!

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Eurovision Castaways – Eurovision blog ESC Insight marooned me on the mythical Île de Bezançon with just 8 of my favourite Eurovision songs for company. Similarities to other radio formats are entirely coincidental. (July 25, 2019) Listen here!

Show This Thread – “a new podcast going beyond the character limit with some of the best people on Twitter” (May 30, 2019) Listen here!

Let’s Talk About Coming Out – James Brumpton sits down with members of the LGBT community to discuss their coming out stories. I talked about being an ally. (October 23, 2018) Listen here!